HR & Leading Edge Technology- Not If But When

The world of information is at a tipping point.  There is a wave of information about predictive analytics and AI that will change the way we eat, sleep, combat disease, prepare for weather events, and all matters large and small known to man.  It is an exciting time if you are open to the change that will come about as a result of being able to anticipate and predict events.

A big open question is how will HR harness the power of information and use it for strategic advantage within their organization. The Human Capital strategy consulting experts at Sirius Solutions strongly believe that forward-thinking HR groups will embrace technology and leverage AI and predictive analytics helping them assess both macro and micro trends within their organizations, adjusting accordingly.  Like many other big picture changes, analytics and artificial intelligence is not meant to replace anything – it is meant to enable humans to make more informed decisions and set strategy accordingly.

We are already seeing a few HR organizations hire a Head of Analytics to help guide them through the maze of data and make that information actionable. From our perspective, one really powerful opportunity is for  organizations to take the analytics down to the individual level.  For far too long, the individual has been lumped in with a myriad of others and treated the same when it comes to developmental paths, from the content they receive to the programs they are a part of.  The “one size fits all” approach is part of the fabric of the corporate development approach, leading to frustration and apathy amongst those who desire their own individualized approach.

Our strategy consulting experts know that the true power of a data and analytics approach is that the organization can understand the motivation and habits of the individual, factoring in tastes, likes, dislikes, and interests.  The resulting developmental package is one that is customized to the individual, based on performance metrics, preferences, career goals, skills, and the like.  We believe individuals within organizations will feel empowered to have more control over their own development through this process – something the emerging Millennial and Gen Z workforce are in fact identifying as a critical attribute when reviewing potential employers.  The cultural shift from a macro to a very micro approach is significant but that journey is critical for leading edge organizations to take.  If not, they will most certainly be left behind in the war for talent, particularly younger talent.

The net effect of this transformation is nothing short of revolutionary for HR organizations.  And to be clear, our strategy consulting experts do not view this transformation as optional.  We see the evolution of Learning Experience Platforms, – which provide the ability for the system to learn preferences over time and offer up customized development based on those preferences – moving more to the forefront of employee development.

The key question is: How long will it take HR organizations to get onboard in the analytics and AI movement. The answer will go a long way in determining the leading-edge organization of the 2020’s.

Alan Brush, Human Capital Practice Leader – Sirius Solutions, LLLP

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