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As former CFOs, Treasurers, and Controllers of large Fortune 500 companies, we provide you with cost effective, proven, and efficient methodologies to improve your financial performance while helping you with your accounting and tax filings.

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Performance Improvement

Perspective from Former CFOs

Receive broader insights that solve even the most complex challenges with speed and efficiency.

Focus on Strategy

We know your primary objective is to support your organization’s development and growth strategy by reinforcing a financial plan that aligns with strong revenue objectives. Transforming cash flow positions, mitigating financial risks, managing budgets, and seamlessly communicating SEC and financial reporting will achieve such goals.

Maximize Success

Successful companies are those that invest in themselves. Our commitment to ROI-driven value demands we maintain a laser-like focus on optimizing your financial and operational performance to maximize your profitability while minimizing risk and uncertainty.

Finance & Accounting Operations

Get advice on any processes or tasks you need to complete and simplify the entire process for you to replicate in the future. Instill best practices throughout your finance and accounting functions for peak organizational and workflow effectiveness.


Minimize risk with proactive planning that ensures long-term success in your tax function. Instill best practices throughout for peak organizational and workflow effectiveness. If parts or all of your operations need transforming or leading, we provide various full-service solutions to ensure effective performance free of risk.

Performance Reporting​

Leverage collective industry experience from former CFOs who have overseen large organizations from concept through successful execution, empowering you to focus on achieving strategic reporting goals.


Take advantage of proven models and strategies to improve your bottom line.

When you need a team that can tackle and solve unique and complex challenges, utilize those with years of industry experience in innovation and disruption to achieve the efficiencies and value your organization seeks.

Save Time, Streamline and Grow

Transaction Processing Optimization
Scale & Cost Optimization​
Desk and Department Output​
Workflow Optimization​
Scheduling and Load Balancing​
Innovation & Automation​

Facilitate the restructuring process and speed up change while also protecting the value of your stakeholders.

Gain market access

Acquire more advanced technology rapidly

Create businesses

Improve target performance with efficiently executed business transactions

Free your employees from the burden of data gathering, analysis, and reporting in the bankruptcy process or while evaluating large-scale claims exposure

We helped an energy company save $30MM and scale their finance organization.

Performance focused and value-driven service


Use technology to increase cash flow and create a competitive advantage.

Enhance Productivity, Reduce Costs, and Minimize Risks

System Optimization​

You can keep your staff focused on their core tasks as we identify ways to achieve your revenue goals and objectives through system optimization.

Examine Your Organizational Software​

Examine your organizational software and technology for finance and accounting and receive recommendations for enhanced software solutions tailored to your company’s needs. How can you improve productivity with technology? Ensure that your technology investment has a real impact on business purpose, KPIs, and revenue. Consider the best technology for enhancing your business functions.

Complex Issues

Stabilizing your finances and operations is the key to managing complexities and business interruptions. New revenue streams and cost-cutting initiatives can help you build a brighter future.

Gain Confidence in Your Future by Defining the Big Picture and Critical Details

SWOT Analysis​

Create a road map for your company’s future and decide how you will measure its performance. Prioritize your efforts by performing a thorough SWOT analysis, reviewing your resources, and formulating a timeline for achieving your goals and milestones.


Develop a strategic vision that is grounded in financial responsibility. Ensure you take care of your organization’s operational and financial elements to achieve your long-term goals.


Increase profitability and market share by developing new business models, distribution methods, industry verticals, or consumer segments. To ensure a successful launch, do market research, develop a growth plan, and create financial projections.

Advice & Assessment

Consider the Future of Your Business from a Strategic Point of View​

Seek more efficient and effective processes, improved outcomes, and better organization-wide performance.

To maximize the efficiency of your finance, accounting, and tax staff, we provide research and recommendations and put the necessary procedures and controls in place.

Recognize the Possibilities and Put Best Practices into Action

–  Identify competitive differentiators and capability gaps

–  Conduct a SWOT analysis

–  Build a strategic plan

Improve the Future Outlook of Your Business

–  Increase cash flow by improving business operations and supply chain management

–  Increase profit by optimizing spending

– Review your company’s financial and accounting systems and processes for risks and improvements

Explore Other Functional Areas

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