Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Effectively resolve commercial conflicts of your large or small business that are sensitive and unique to you.  From estimating damages, locating and isolating essential evidence, assisting in-house and outside counsel in mitigating risk, locating speedy remedies, or managing change, you will benefit from a unique and established framework that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of discovery.

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Commercial Disputes

For issues involving competitive practices, contracts, fees, intellectual property, shareholder conflicts, confidentiality, non-competes, non-solicitation agreements, and trade secrets, effective dispute resolution allows you to spend time focusing on what matters – optimizing your business performance and boosting efficiency.

Access the resources for resolving contractual issues pertaining to joint ventures, the issuance of equity and debt financing, tax incentives, general corporate matters, and multi-state transactions.

We specialize in:

Contract Disputes & Dispute Advisory
Communication Resolutions​
Litigation Intelligence
Securities & Construction Litigation

Internal Investigations

It is essential for firms to adhere to certain broad investigation principles when designing an internal investigation. This will ensure that the investigation is conducted in a way that is compliant, conducive, and transparent.

Due thought should be given to how investigative findings are collected and disseminated to corporate stakeholders, from halting the IT department’s routine document destruction to obtaining forensic copies of documents available on the network and individual computers and reporting findings in a credible way.

Step 1

Be Compliant in Data Preservation & Collection

Step 2

Use the Right Expertise for Fraud & Forensic Accounting Investigation

Step 3

Understand the Breadth of Complex Financial Crimes

Step 4

Manage Global Cyber Risk and Corruption

Step 5

Discern Complex Risks in Labor and Employment Operations

We've helped lead effective and strategic plans of action in crucial cases

Performance focused and value driven service

Business Claims

Identify risks and remediate or mitigate prompt resolution to time-sensitive business interruptions, damage claims, labor and employment disputes, valuations, asset impairments, commercial disputes, fraud, theft, embezzlement, and insurance claims.

Regulatory Change

Lead effective and strategic plan of action in crucial cases including antitrust litigation, compliance and anti-corruption advisory, resolution of regulatory inquiries, and compliance and monitoring programs.

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