Sirius Solutions L.L.L.P. Announces Partnership with Salesforce to Drive Digital Transformation for Businesses Seeking Financial and Operational Performance Optimization

Sirius Solutions, L.L.L.P. (Sirius Solutions) is excited to announce the launch of its new Digital Transformation Practice under the leadership of Mateen Malik, Digital Transformation Leader. As proven experts in system implementation, Sirius Solutions has partnered with Salesforce to deliver innovative cloud-based solutions to a diverse range of industries and organizations seeking revenue growth and increased operational resiliency.

Sirius Solutions is committed to leveraging the latest technology and industry expertise to optimize financial and operational performance for all clients.  Bringing 25 years of domestic and international experience in technology and system implementation to the table, Sirius Solutions has over 4000 successful project deliveries that have resulted in increased revenue, improved profitability, boosted cash flow, raised valuations, reduced costs, and decreased leverage for over 900 enterprise clients. Mateen Malik adds over 20 years of cloud enterprise collaboration experience. Mateen’s expertise includes a wide range of functional, integration, and technical talents, including SaaS Strategy and Architecture, Care/Service Strategy, Sales Strategy, CPQ, Enterprise Collaboration with Salesforce, FSC, Vlocity, PeopleSoft, MuleSoft, Selenium, SAP CRM, and more.

Kristi Chickering, CEO of Sirius Solutions, L.L.LP., commented: “At Sirius Solutions, we are dedicated to helping organizations unlock the full potential of their cloud-based software investments. Our vision is to drive revenue growth, optimize ROI management, and enable successful Digital Transformation. By providing expert guidance and support, we help organizations ensure that their technology is fully adopted by users, seamlessly integrated into their operations, and delivers results that exceed expectations. Sirius Solutions’ deep experience and expertise in transformation complements Salesforce’s superior product and adds value when combined with Salesforce’s state-of-the-art cloud-based software solutions, making us uniquely aligned for successful implementation and immediate impact on your business.”

Mateen Malik, Global Head of the Transformation Practice, commented: “Our Transformation Practice is dedicated to driving maximum ROI and value to all transformational programs. Our unwavering personal interest in the success of others means that we are keenly invested in our clients’ goals and objectives and act as trusted partners in their journey.  We are a key ally in their growth, providing the guidance and expertise necessary to drive their success”.

Sirius Solutions leverages alliances and technologies with some of the industry’s leading providers to achieve our client goals of financial and operational efficiency and optimization. Our strategic relationships with Salesforce, Coupa, Copado, HighRadius, Quorum, Blackline, Financial Force, and others, enables us to deliver the most innovative solutions to our clients, at all stages of their digital transformation.


Strong track record of ensuring project success

Sirius Solutions operates in more than 30 industries and provides organizations with solutions and expertise to drive enhanced efficiencies and profitability. Our professional services firm has been committed to value creation since our founding in 1998. We have been building companies that are future-ready, cultivating resiliency, and leading clients to their maximum performance potential for almost 25 years. We are made up of former senior industry executives and expert professionals, who are performance-focused and understand the unique complexities, nature, and timing of business challenges. 

With our strategic partnerships, deep experience, and industry-leading expertise, The Transformation Practice at Sirius Solutions, L.L.L.P., is poised to lead digital disruption for a diverse range of industries and organizations seeking improvement in revenue growth and overall resiliency by leveraging cloud technology for optimized financial and operational performance. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals and support your digital transformation.

About Sirius Solutions (www.sirsol.com)
Sirius Solutions is a professional services firm focused on improving the operational and financial performance of our clients. Since 1998, we have been a game changer in 30+ industries and 40+ countries by using a dynamic deployment model designed to eliminate idle resources and unnecessary spend. We specialize in:
Improving Economic Performance | Solving Complex Business Issues | Business Event Execution | Operational Transformation.

Our firm is comprised of former C-Suite Executives with 20+ year industry experience, who truly understand the unique complexities, nature, and timing of business challenges. This extensive commercial knowledge qualifies us to delve deep into the business problem and deliver the best operational solution and ROI. We want our clients to achieve significant operational and financial improvements because of their investment with us.

Customers include Shell, Mears, Repsol, Landry’s, Barclay’s, Bank of America, Direct Energy, Wesco Distribution, Engie North America, and many more.

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