Yesterday, Sirius Solutions held its annual Sirius Performance Summit (SPS) in Houston, Texas. The SPS is a unique opportunity for us to give back to our clients by delivering relevant content to business leaders from a cross-section of industries interested in enhancing their vision, inspiring their teams and strengthening their firms’ performance.

Over 100 attendees heard from our guest speakers.

Elaine Lin Hering, of the Harvard Negotiation Project and Triad Consulting, explored the science and art of using feedback to enhance performance while motivating, and developing people.

Juliet Funt, CEO of Whitespace at Work, discussed how to liberate your workforce from busywork and give them the freedom to unleash their talents and true productivity.

Bill Johnson, Group Vice President, and Chief Transformation Officer at DCP Midstream, shared how his business was transformed by smartly deploying technology and innovation.

Flip Flippen, Chairman and Founder of the Flippen Group, explored how to use analytics to identify and break debilitating patterns that hinder growth.

Sirius’ CEO, Kristi Chickering, said it best in her wrap up: “Sirius is dedicated to supporting leaders and their teams by presenting ideas and concepts worth sharing that have proven effective in enhancing performance and results.

Veroneeca Edwards, Manager, Employee & Client Engagement – Sirius Solutions, L.L.L.P.

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