Taking the Learning Journey- The Race Is On!

A shift is slowly starting – organizations are becoming more open to taking a journey that will deliver lasting benefits to their employees. By changing corporate training to focus on true learning, behavioral change, and financial impact in a way that can be measured over the long term, companies are investing in their most valuable resource.  Learning done well can change attitudes, approaches, perspectives and behaviors in ways that move organizations into higher overall performance and establish them as employers of choice.

Clients we work with in the energy, IT, healthcare, manufacturing and non-profit industries are on this journey and changing the way they look at learning.  We see this shift in the way client organizations look at learning – the method of the learning experiences, the delivery, utility, and ability to track sustainability.  And it starts with a very simple premise….

…. To move towards a world in our corporate life that mimics our personal life when it comes to learning.  When we seek out information outside of work, we are interested in something relevant to us at that point in time.  We typically consume information in smaller bites and rarely have to log in to view the information.  And because the information is relevant to us, we tend to retain it longer.  Yet in our corporate life, training gets served up in larger chunks, with little or no reinforcement, in a manner where the learner has little control. We are all beholden to the Learning Management system that we inevitably have to log on to find, take, and receive credit for having taken the training.

Here are the key points to remember about good learning methodologies:

  • Microlearning – Shorter bursts of learning
  • Spaced-out – Time in between the learning experiences to enable the learner to absorb the content
  • Learner Input – Every program built includes representative end user involvement, i.e. the learner has input and a voice in shaping the learning to ensure the relevancy of the learning
  • Reinforcement of the content through direct interaction between the learner and their manager, and point of need learning – even shorter bits of learning for those times the learner needs information now
  • Delivery – For remote workers, build learning for the Smartphone:
    • Pushed out via text for easy access
    • The learner clicks on the link, consumers the microlearning and is done
    • Our system records the learning as having been completed, and that information can easily be sent to the system of record without any log-in required
  • Measurement– Track the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for each program and track the sustainability of the learning

Here are some of the way our clients have benefitted from this learning methodology:

  • Learner user rates significantly higher via the texting method
  • Learner feedback on the approach and the experiences has been overwhelmingly positive
  • The C suite has been promoting this new approach to learning with clients and prospects as a differentiator against their competition
  • The delivery approach has received universal positive feedback
  • The lack of required log-in has received universal positive feedback
  • Learning has been delivered to thousands of field workers who historically have had limited access to developmental programs

 Alan Brush, Human Capital Practice Lead – Sirius Solutions, L.L.L.P.

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