ESG Corporate Luncheon

A Live Event

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ESG Framework and Metrics Adoption Journey on
Salesforce Net Zero Cloud 

There is a growing need for increased transparency and accountability in ESG reporting, particularly for the large industries represented here in Houston, such as Oil & Gas.

In partnership with Salesforce, we will demonstrate for you how to easily monitor, analyze, and report on environmental data and processes using Salesforce’s Net Zero cloud. 


Join us for a live demo and luncheon event

November 2nd, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM


    What You Will Learn

    Learn How To Accelerate Your Company's Net Zero Goals

    Set aggressive science-based targets and continuously monitor your plan
    Share real-time dashboards with key stakeholders on progress
    Perform scenario-planning simulations for emission reduction
    Get accurate and timely supplier data across all Scope 3 emission categories

    Executive ESG Framework Series

    Sirius Solutions in Stategic Partnership with Salesforce
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