How We CRM!

The world of CRM continues to morph with new software systems and new best practices, as our CRM practice is deeply focused on Salesforce and Dynamics.  With more and more companies revisiting their CRM workflows post-COVID, we continue to reassess and incorporate best practices for implementing platforms, optimizing process design, workflows, and data.

Part of our core service is to continually keep ourselves informed and up to speed on the latest best practice trends, ensuring we always provide valuable support to our clients.  As one of the leading training and leadership consulting firms in Houston, we recognize that knowledge sharing is a key component of this, and each day we learn from our clients, external research sources, and each other.

Here is an inside view of how we keep up with best practice trends:

  • Knowledge Sharing:  We develop in-house best practices by sharing successes – what works, tricks and tips, and general guidelines.  Our teams meet regularly to share knowledge and learn from each other.  Part of this exercise includes brainstorming ways we can continue to deliver value and differentiate ourselves.
  • Information Gathering:  We read (a lot) and we share information with both our clients and with each other continuously.  Our primary research sources of information are organizations such as Gartner, Forrester, or IDC.  However, specific to CRM systems, we also examine CRM.org. We, likewise, analyze articles that cover general market trends, such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and more. As a management consulting firm, a key component of our success is knowing what is going on in the market, understanding demand forecasting, and interpreting market trends for our clients.
  • Listening: We listen to our clients and understand both opportunities and challenges.  Most consulting firms have a wealth of personally gathered, subjective and objective, and intuitive knowledge and information, which can be of significant value. At Sirius Solutions, before taking any first steps, we make sure to ask our clients essential questions in order to create a comprehensive CRM strategy that fits their specific needs. Some of these questions can include:
    • What are your company’s short-term and long-term goals?
    • Who are your customers/target customers?
    • What is your customer base’s “buyer’s journey”? How do your customers make purchasing decisions?

As our clients talk to us about their CRM needs, we continue to point in the direction of Salesforce and Dynamics.  We are workflow experts, designing processes and structures that optimize our clients’ tools and technologies to deliver maximum value.

Rakhee Das, Chief Strategy Officer – Sirius Solutions

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