Digitally Accelerating Cash Excellence Using HighRadius

Sirius Solutions has been creating and deploying Treasury and Cash Management solutions for business leaders for over two decades.  Technology that could augment or enhance these solutions, such as understanding the behaviors, routines and decisions that improve cash flow, didn’t exist ten years ago.  But over the last decade, we have been focused on identifying and evaluating technology that can improve our clients’ business performance related to cash acceleration.

When a technology platform on which we could deploy our methodology and approach to cash acceleration for our clients emerged, we decided to partner with HighRadius.  Our treasury solutions, deployed via HighRadius, deliver a sustained, easy-to-adopt resolution.  As this partnership has matured, we have been able to advance our solutions via the HighRadius technology platform, delivering, automating, and creating intelligent workflows for our clients.

As an outsourced CFO services provider and financial consulting partner for HighRadius, we facilitate our clients’ software utilization based on their unique requirements and aspirations for operational evolution.  We help our clients understand the technology, develop business readiness for adoption, identify workflow enhancements, and execute their implementation plans.   We align our services with our clients’ operating models using real-world experience and deep understanding of industry specific needs across:

  • Accelerating cashflow
  • Reducing DSO
  • Eliminating costly accounting errors
  • Limiting customer credit risk
  • Optimizing process design


As an implementation partner for HighRadius, our implementations are designed and architected with the understanding of the relevant specific industry, demand forecasting, and operational needs.  Our goal is singular – ensure the desired performance of the business while maintaining software capabilities.

Everything we do ultimately boils down to the metric we use as a firm to determine our value: how do we consult around and implement HighRadius to deliver economic impact to our clients, every single time.  We will deploy a team – a group of individuals with the exact match configured to bring subject matter expertise, technology, and business capabilities – for each of our clients.  The combined forces of our expertise and HighRadius’ technology have resulted in tangible business performance improvement, an ability to understand customer behaviors, improved insight regarding credit quality of accounts receivable, and acceleration of cash to our clients.


Rakhee Das, Chief Strategy Officer – Sirius Solutions


If you would like further information about how we can help with your Cash Acceleration needs or HighRadius implementation, please complete the form below.

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