Reduce Risk and Improve Efficiency with AI Monitoring

We routinely introduce our clients to new technologies that supplement or imitate our high standards as an organization with over two decades of experience in internal controls and compliance. When working with our clients, we have used technologies and automation such as Idea, Workiva, and Alice to deliver data analytics and internal controls management to boost risk assurance, minimize expenses and provide our clients with maximum value.


Internal controls have been reenergized by the emergence of better, more inexpensive technologies. This is the approach for doing control and risk assessments more frequently and automatically. Audit tasks can be integrated into day-to-day operations. Today, technology platforms make it possible to set up a framework and workflows that support detailed procedures to test how common a risk is and how well a control works.

On an ongoing basis, we can conduct audits of the solutions we recommend:

  • Accounting Processes
  • Risk Controls
  • Information Technology Systems
  • Operational Procedures
  • General Compliance

Software vendors provide a platform for integrating disparate software systems and operational processes in a common environment, enabling a continuous auditing approach.


As internal controls and compliance specialists, we access data to support monitoring activities. Our testing functions are continuous. We recommend our clients automate many of their manual procedures and controls and use a decision-making matrix to help them succeed in a continuous framework. We investigate essential factors that lead to operational advantages, notably in IT processes and control instances for proactive solutions to problems.


We also seek to improve controls or testing functions that are ineffective or inefficient. We noticed that the Alice platform easily integrates with a company’s many systems, making our job easier, faster, and less expensive. Many internal control functions are projected to be replaced or supplemented in the future by more integrated technology and constant monitoring.

Unlocking the Power of Affordable AI to Remotely Govern, Manage and Monitor your business.

Benefits of AI for Governance, Management, and Monitoring AI

If you are looking for a platform that will enable you to build a digital ecosystem of services, we will assist you in identifying the optimal option with intelligent automation and cognitive services that help you build a digital workforce and provide real-time and continuous visibility into your organization.