Digitizing Data, A Valuable Commodity

In the 20th century, oil was the most valuable commodity. In this century, it’s data.

With AI, people use data in ways that were simply not possible before, opening up new areas of research, business, and opportunity. Using data, AI is able to run predictive modeling and offer insights that help business leaders make better decisions on resource allocation and customer outreach.

But companies working with paper files cannot easily analyze business trends. AI is powerful but it cannot pull important statistics from filing cabinets. To succeed in the 21st century, companies are digitizing their files.

Going digital is more than just scanning a piece of paper into a PDF. That PDF must be split, tagged, and then indexed in an organized folder structure.  Once the process is complete, users have the ability to find the data which is easily searchable and get more value from the data that has been automatically uploaded into their operating systems.

Finding the right partner for your digitization journey is key. Nearly every digitizing scenario ends up with 20+% exceptions that require human intervention. The right partner should have the ability to handle those exceptions for you, guaranteeing a fully digitized deliverable. This is not the service offered by the largest players today.

When digitizing, what matters most are accuracy and completeness. Most everyone’s technology delivers the former. Not as many deliver the latter.

Rakhee Das, Technology & Innovation Practice Lead – Sirius Solutions, L.L.L.P.

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