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When we talk about the need to digitize, it’s also important to note there is a recommended process and approach.

We recommend these six steps to companies designing their digital strategy:

1. Begin by estimating how much paper within your organization needs to be digitized in order to drive efficiencies and/or reduce risks. Then, organize and sort based on your prioritization model. Companies typically choose to digitize anywhere from 50,000 sheets to linear-miles of paper. You may choose to digitize in batches or digitize company-wide documents.

2. Select a vendor that provides OCR services and can store your documents in a PDF format. This will ensure that your scanned documents provide computer systems with optical character recognition ability, able to distinguish printed or handwritten text characters.

3. Your scanned documents can be sorted based on type (HR vs Supply Chain; Employee Termination vs. Employee Contracts, etc.), tagged to enable searchability in the documents, and Indexed.

4. Once your scanned documents are searchable and indexed, computers or humans can easily enter relevant data in ERP or other software systems, permitting you to access information using technology and begin your digitized workflows and data analysis.

5. Documents can also be maintained in document or content management systems (these include systems such as FileNet, Onbase, OpenText, DocVue, etc.)

6. For digitization processes carried out by third party software, there will be a set of exceptions usually managed by humans.

By now, companies have been digitizing for years and the process to digitize is stable and established. The costs associated with digitization offers a favorable ROI – which makes the decision to digitize easier than ever before.

Rakhee Das, Technology & Innovation Practice Lead – Sirius Solutions LLLP

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