Decreased DSO by 19% For 10X ROI

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Our client

Industry-Leading Energy Infrastructure Solutions Provider

Business Need

Our client was experiencing a sharp decline in revenue and had no technique for discovering the fundamental cause of DSO underperformance. Senior management needed to develop near-term DSO mitigation measures and cash optimization improvement possibilities quickly.

Realized Results

Our Treasury team identified five workstreams with the greatest efficiency improvement potential and developed a procedure that yielded quick and accurate actionable data. Our client saw an immediate 19% improvement with a 20-day DSO decrease. We created a 10x Return on Investment and provided them with a Playbook for Revenue + Net Working Capital Improvement.







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The Challenge

Our client had no methodology in place for determining the root cause of DSO underperformance. Senior management was facing a challenge in developing near-term mitigation strategies (Playbooks) for DSO and identifying cash optimization improvement prospects, and time was of the essence.


As the end of the year approached, our client had limited internal resources to devote to addressing this challenge.


Our client came to us to accelerate their cash flow activities because of our unique consulting approach and our decades of experience in cash acceleration for multinational organizations.

The Solution

Our Treasury team identified five workstreams with the greatest potential for efficiency gains. Our proprietary inventive methodology, along with our specific industry understanding, enabled us to build a procedure that resulted in timely and precise actionable data.

We were able to offer efficiencies across the Commercial, Operational, Billing, Collections, and DSO Performance Review workstreams to quickly resolve the difficulties by determining the main cause of the revenue loss.

Sirius Solutions’ Treasury team also left behind the tools the client required to lower DSO month after month.

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