Revitalizing Cash Flow: A Success Story of Digital and Financial Transformation in Order-to-Cash Process


Our client

A large, New York Stock Exchange-listed leader in US environmental services, offering a wide range of solutions for consumers as well as businesses and municipalities.

Business Need

Our client’s DSO exceeded 110 days and was expanding monthly, so they needed to quickly assess their Order-to-Cash process and boost receivables collections. Maximizing cash flow by reducing DSO and documenting the upgraded Order-to-Cash process was an integral part of their plans to grow through acquisitions with a scalable Order-to-Cash process.

Realized Results

The blend of digital and financial transformation strategies delivered remarkable results. Within the first 90 days post-project, the client experienced a significant decrease in DSO, from 104 days down to 85 days. Due to the efficiency of the improved process, the client could reduce the number of full-time employees involved in the Order-to-Cash process. All these were achieved over a 12-week project span, with a cost of $167K.

This case demonstrates our capabilities in driving digital and financial transformation. We managed to convert a financial challenge into a strategic advantage, successfully lowering the client’s DSO, streamlining their operations, and setting a firm foundation for their ambitious growth plans.

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Read on for more information on how we successfully delivered a positive outcome for our client.

The Challenge

Our client faced an escalating issue: a Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) of over 110 days, which was on an increasing trend. In this critical financial situation, we were brought on board to evaluate and recommend alterations to the Order-to-Cash Process aimed at accelerating receivable collections. The CFO sought not only to improve cash flow by reducing DSO but also to document the Order-to-Cash Process across multiple locations. Given the company’s growth ambitions through acquisitions, it was paramount to develop a scalable Order-to-Cash process that could handle the expected expansion.

Digital and Financial Transformation Strategy

Rising to the occasion, we deployed a multi-disciplinary team, bolstered by experts in project management, internal controls, process improvement, and management reporting. The initial phase involved a comprehensive analysis of existing processes, enabling the team to identify the underlying causes behind the client’s ballooning DSO.

With a firm grasp of the issues at hand, we presented our recommendations to the client’s management, focusing on standardization and process improvement. We prioritized implementing changes with the most substantial impact in the shortest timeframe.

To enhance transparency and enable better management of the improved process, we developed specialized management reports for the Sales and Accounting organizations. Our team meticulously documented the new processes, conducted thorough training for the client’s staff, and left them with additional recommendations for future improvements.

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