Optimizing Your ERP Software

The implementation benefits realized by the oil and gas sector while using Quorum ERP software are enhanced asset performance, improvement in project administration, and better cost control.

Quorum software can help organizations stay steps ahead financially and environmentally in the following ways:

Data Integration

With Quorum software, our clients experience one central hub to house all their information. Data integration provides a clear and easy view of schedules and costs, making it easier to meet production requirements. Offices worldwide can use one software platform to collaborate and meet company goals.

Project Management

Streamlining both offshore and onshore projects allows project managers to meet their project deadlines and stay on budget, maintaining their competitive edge. Quorum software can also simplify more complex projects, such as international deals or joint ventures, while keeping managers fully informed of unique regulations and compliance requirements.

Controlling Costs

Ability to make quick decisions and manage their supply and demand chain with cost overview. They are enabled to do business with their clients easily, regardless of different currencies.  They have greater insights about their operations, reduced IT overhead, and can efficiently collaborate with employees and clients around the world.

Managing Assets

Access real time asset management technology – something that can perfect overall asset performance. For example, routine maintenance keeps utilities and equipment operational and intact, preventing the loss of production time.

Getting The Most Out Of Technology Investments

Implementation done right can drive economic performance of the business, ensure industry specific issues are managed effectively, guarantee projects are executed efficiently, and create operational transformation. We concentrate on amplifying our clients’ utilization of Quorum software features with overarching strategies and workflows, guaranteeing their businesses run well, they can maintain strict control over business operations, and operate with modernized processes for a competitive advantage.

With our support, our clients realize the reduced costs and increased profitability they seek from their technology investment.  We help change the way our clients interact with technology to maximize the use of their platforms, improving the financial performance of their businesses.

Taking advantage of our specialized implementation support services ensures our clients get the most out of their ERP technology investment. As a premier enablement partner, our experienced system implementation experts have proven track records in the oil and gas industry, reducing risk for our clients and guaranteeing their implementation project is in the hands of professionals with real-world know-how and awareness to handle any challenges that may arise.

Rakhee Das, Chief Strategy Officer – Sirius Solutions


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