Making Consulting Sticky

A core pillar of delivering Value-Based Consulting is empowering our clients to learn and develop skills. In other words, often, when we start a project, we begin by thinking about how we can set our clients up to succeed in the long run, without our help. Ultimately, our goal is to become a redundant entity for our clients and help them establish long-term success – thus making our work sticky.

For big projects, this often means large scale change management involving effective planning, implementation, and execution of carefully designed change management strategies. But here, we are not examining those big change-management focused projects. Here, we want to open up about our everyday projects, and the processes we have established that ensure we leave behind our know-how and best practices as part of our delivery.

Case in point, as part of our ONRR practice, we are often called on by oil and gas companies to help them catch up on tax filings. Our experts in this field bring their 20+ years of experience and the ability to create efficiency at the intersection of operations and accounting. We design our deliverable to not only successfully complete the project at hand, but to also establish best practices and habits within our client’s organization.

Specific to ONRR, our professionals consistently focus on managing and reporting on our client’s federal and/or Native American leases. We have successfully aided many clients in coping with their backlog of leases, which began at the inception of acquisitions due to falling behind or neglect, sometimes going back as much as five years. In these conditions, new and complicated mandates (e.g., Rule-2016, which requires all producers to adhere to ‘unbundling’) and unique royalty valuation situations must be navigated and accounted for, which calls for distinct technical accounting expertise. We not only file all reporting backlogs to a degree of accuracy that guarantees our clients confidence in their reporting, but we also mitigate the risk of interest our clients would have otherwise incurred, set up internal key controls to monitor that the monthly data captured is accurate, and minimize impacts to our client’s financial sheets. We are known as the one-stop-shop to clean up reports and introduce best practices moving forward.

When we talk about Value-Based Consulting, we want to include the little things, too. With all ventures, we aim to create value by either improving a financial lever or mitigating risks. Even for our client’s routine projects, we align our delivery with the right value metrics.  It is important to us that our clients can sustain our quality of work and risk mitigation always.  By partnering with us, our clients gain the tools they need to improve workflows and find sustainable, sticky best practices.


Rakhee Das, Chief Strategy Officer – Sirius Solutions


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