Modernization Initiatives to Empower O&G

Digital transformation and digital modernization are rapidly evolving as indicators of success for businesses and companies worldwide. Technology, along with its proper application and utilization, has shown the potential to empower both business leaders and consumers with unparalleled opportunities for generating and capturing the value of services and products.

Since the industrial revolution, the Oil and Gas industry has played a crucial role in the world’s economic transformation. It has provided for everyone’s need for fuel, transportation, and energy, and at the same time, has proven to be one of the major economic driving forces in the market. Today, Oil and Gas business leaders now have the opportunity to explore its potentials and redefine its limits through modernization.

As part of Sirius Solution’s core capabilities, technology and innovation will be the fundamental principles of these modernization initiatives, leading your Oil and Gas company towards the development of a culture of innovation and the implementation of strategic and practical technological solutions. Oil and Gas business leaders who have invested in technologies, such as Quorum, were provided with a better flow of information through a platform that increases competitiveness and reduces the risk of financial losses. With better technology, you can anticipate market trends, which places your Oil and Gas company in a position to outpace your competitors. You will be able to manage operations more strategically and earn your market share with ease.

Our implementation support and strategies, which are custom-built solutions tailored for your oil and gas industry needs, can deliver impactful results that are anchored on the following: improved economic performance by driving key company metrics towards cost efficiency and cost reduction; operational transformation by improving workflows and establishing learning and development programs; issue resolution by addressing urgent operational issues and accelerating the time to process transactions; and business event execution through Initial Public Offering (IPO) readiness and mergers and acquisitions.

As of today, most Oil and Gas industry leaders still see themselves as behind the times in terms of technology adoption in the workplace. According to Quorum, only 63% of Oil and Gas Decision Makers (OGDMs) feel at the top of their game, compared to the nine of ten ITDM leaders who say their industry is at the top of its game in this specific area. It is a challenge to bridge this gap among ITDMs and OGDMs, but the good thing is with awareness comes potential solutions to these types of challenges. By taking control of your data, you are now taking your first step towards your organization’s digital transformation.

Rakhee Das, Chief Strategy Officer – Sirius Solutions

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