I was so encouraged by all of the positive feedback that my last post regarding Sirius Solutions’ Performance Summit that I felt another post was in order. Several of you reached out to ask me more about our firm and why we’re good at what we do.

Sirius Solutions is a professional service management consulting firm focused on improving the operational and financial performance of its clients. As former senior executives with experience in both industry and consulting, our professionals are performance-focused and understand the complexities, nature, and timing of your unique business challenges. We tailor each team to your specific business situation, utilizing a unique talent configuration model that ensures your business will realize the outcome and economic impact you desire.

It’s this last bit that I hope sums up the Sirius Solutions approach for you. Too often in my own industry career, I engaged consultants and found that economic performance DID NOT improve, work COULD NOT be operationalized in the business, or problems WERE NOT able to be resolved. Either the solutions that were offered were not customized to address my needs, or the cost was greater than the economic impact realized.

At Sirius, we begin each engagement in exactly the same way:

  • By capturing your needs
  • Developing a strategy and executable roadmap to meet those needs for you
  • Organizing work streams in order to provide you with an accurate quote
  • And, most importantly, ensuring that the work we’re performing delivers you more value than it costs you

Our priority is to ensure that we help improve your economic performance, solve your complex business issues, and support your key events. Our trademarks are:

  • Breadth and depth of commercial knowledge
  • Economic and/or operational impact
  • Delivery excellence
  • Speed to market


Brian Spector, Chief Development Officer – Sirius Solutions LLLP

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