Automation for Financial Optimization

Sirius Solutions has been providing our clients with subject-matter experts, thinkers, consultants, strategists, technologists, doers, innovators, advisors, and much more for more than two decades. We understand how our client’s work. We are adept at managing cash for our clients, transforming finance departments, resolving audit, SOX, or compliance issues, assisting with IPOs, and reworking vendor management. Through our financial advising services, we have successfully completed tens of thousands of revenue accounting projects and assisted businesses in becoming more profitable by reducing expenses and identifying new avenues for development and income.

Make Technology Work for You

Today, we provide all of these services and more through technological platforms. In all that we do, technology plays a crucial part. Companies must recognize that their long-term performance and benefits will be hampered if technology takes precedence over people and workflows. The goal is to make technology work for you – people and workflows remain central to the design and implementation of systems and software platforms.

Cloud-Based Systems Increase Efficiency

By now, we have all realized that we can perform our duties more effectively by utilizing technology platforms. In other words, technology is merely a useful facilitator. While we at Sirius Solutions have worked with giants such as SAP and Microsoft for decades, we also rely on early-stage software platforms that can give specialized skills. In recent years, businesses have been able to glean intelligence, efficiencies, and opportunities from an integrated collection of cloud-based systems. Our mission is to leverage this infrastructure by enabling a unified set of technologies that operate to increase efficiencies, minimize risks, and make workers’ work more enjoyable.

Accounting Platforms

As part of our general accounting responsibilities, for instance, we commonly employ known technology such as Workiva or Idea. In an effort to continuously increase automation, we have begun to offer new control automation concepts leveraging startups such as Alice. Moreover, as part of our cash flow optimization solution, High Radius, a Houston-based unicorn, supplies the infrastructure required to deliver advanced cash management approaches. These technologies integrate with an organization’s extensive digital environment, hence generating efficiencies beyond their basic functions.


It must be remembered that individuals play a greater role than ever before in exploiting the benefits of technology. Bringing together subject matter experts, technologists, and process management, our teams are created to meet the specific objectives of your project. We fully think that the implementation of a software application can only be as effective as its users. Our employees collaborate with clients to comprehend their culture and expectations, offer solutions that are, above all, useable and dependable, and strengthen decision-making that enables organizations to operate more quickly, effectively, and securely.

Platforms Drive Organizational Efficiency

Partnership with both major and developing organizations is crucial to how we provide consulting today. Our mission to our clients and partners is to deploy our subject matter expertise through a technology platform that is user-friendly, increases organizational efficiency and value, and is integrated into the IT ecosystem of our clients’ organizations.

Rakhee Das, Chief Strategy Officer – Sirius Solutions