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Save money by automating repetitive clerical tasks.

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Make sure every technological innovation your company pursues serves to solve a real and pressing business objective or strategy.

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    What is technology innovation?

    More and more companies are turning to emerging or disruptive technologies to deliver value, gain competitive advantages, or stay relevant. However, most companies are unfamiliar with the process of exploring and adopting these technologies in a profitable way. Aimless technology adaptation is almost worse than refusing to adapt at all.

    Our disciplined approach helps companies derive value from the technologies they choose to implement. The goal is to empower your organization to both understand the potential and value of emerging technologies while deploying a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and forward-thinking.

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    How does technology influence business today?

    The use, relevance, and importance of technology in an organization falls across a broad spectrum.

    Companies like Apple, WalMart, and CapitalOne have a proven record of using technology to forge a competitive advantage. Others, even successful companies, have been slow to deploy the potential of new technologies to deliver business value.

    However, given the rise of machine learning/AI, blockchains, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, and an array of engineering technologies it’s becoming more important for all companies to develop a strategic focus around innovation and new technologies. CTOs, CEOs, and even CMOs are becoming more aware of new technologies and the speed necessary to adopt them in a way that delivers business value.

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    How should companies manage technology and innovation?

    The adaptation of new, emerging technologies should be married to business objectives and strategies. Innovation through technology strategy sometimes provides a better, faster, cheaper solution to existing business problems or can position organizations in the face of disruption or finding new ways to grow or transform a company.

    You may need a great deal of research and strategic guidance to make sure you’re solving the right problems with the right pieces of technology.

    For a nice overview of the challenges and benchmarks for managing innovation, see this article from Forbes

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    What is one of the biggest problems in technology innovation?

    Often, companies design or purchase overly complex solutions when a simpler, cheaper, and more effective solution already exists. For example, one company was ready to award a million-dollar contract to design a sensor that could detect small concentrations of pollutants underwater. A marine biologist walked in with a bunch of clams and revealed clams open their shells when pollutant levels reach just a few parts per million.

    See The Harvard Business Review for the full story.

    Hiring a consulting firm with experience at navigating these sorts of pitfalls can save your company a lot of money and time.

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  • Saved my company a fortune.

    The experts at Sirius pay for themselves.

    I was about to invest in a very expensive data mining and predictive analytics software package. I’m glad I talked to the Sirius team first. If I’d proceeded my company would have been measuring a lot of things that didn’t make a big difference to our business at all. Sirius showed me how I could get what I wanted by using features already written into a simple program: Microsoft Excel!

    Bobby S.
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    Date Published : 08 Jan, 2018
  • I didn’t even know where to start.

    I knew we needed to catch up, but wasn’t sure where or how to begin.

    Our company hadn’t really innovated one bit in over 15 years. We knew we had to “get with the times,” but how? What would we tackle? Where would we spend our money? The strategists at Sirius showed us how and what to do while demonstrating the concrete benefits we’d receive from every step.

    John W.
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    Date Published : 02 Jan, 2018