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Receive end-to-end support no matter where you are in your supply chain development process.

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Develop a strategic road map that cuts costs and reduces risk.

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Develop procure-to-pay process improvements and develop policies that help your company thrive.

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Receive interim support as you tackle challenges and transitions in your supply chain strategy.

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    What is supply chain management?

    Supply chain management covers every aspect of what it takes to get a product into a customer’s hands, from the planning of said product to delivery.

    Our supply chain management solutions follow the industry standard for what ought to be delivered when you trust a consulting firm to help tackle the issues that can arise when you’re trying to get a product moved.

    Planning is the first step. We take a hard look at what it’s going to take to create and deliver the product.

    Next, it’s time to source these supplies and resources. Procurement is a strategic exercise. Buying goods and services to launch your supply chain isn’t like ordering a couple of items from Amazon. You’re looking for vendors with whom you will develop a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship.

    Next, the product must get made. Usually you’ll be forging a relationship with a manufacturer rather than attempting to make the product yourself. Or you’ll bring the manufacturing arm of your business in-house, which means launching and running a facility, hiring employees, sourcing equipment, and more.

    Finally, you must deliver your product. This means tackling issues of logistics and transportation. Products must be warehoused and inventoried. They must be distributed either directly to customers or to the retail outlets who will sell them to end-users.

    Complications can arise during each step, so it’s vital to work with experts who can help you make sound long-term decisions.

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    What does supply management involve?

    Supply chain management involves sales and operations planning as well as demand and inventory planning. We also help you tackle strategic sourcing and category management. The idea is to develop an end-to-end source to settle process that helps your business run smoothly.

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    What is supply chain strategy?

    Supply chain strategy adds value to how a company gets products to market. The idea is to reduce costs and enhance profit while improving customer service.

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    What are some common supply chain problems?

    Managing inventory is a big problem. Order or create too much product and you end up spending more money than you should, which cuts into profits. Order or create too little, and you can’t meet demand, a problem which will drive your customers into the arms of the competition.

    Managing vendors can create problems to. Your total supply chain is rarely going to be 100% in your own hands; at some point you’re going to have to buy a product or a service from someone else. What happens when they fail to deliver as promised? What’s your back-up plan? How do you choose partners who will help you mitigate these risks?

    Supply chain issues continue to evolve. For example, Mattel faces serious losses because they have failed to adapt to a reality where most manufacturers sell products directly to consumers. They’ve had to find a way to cut over $200 million in costs, and have even been sued by their own stakeholders for mismanagement.

    Putting a team of experienced supply chain experts on your side can help you secure the future of your business.

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  • Sirius Solutions helped me transform my supply chain.

    What used to be a total mess is now a well-oiled machine.

    I had a great product but no supply chain experience whatsoever. My customers were getting angry because I simply couldn’t keep up with demand. Sirius Solutions showed me where the breakdown was, helped me develop a strategy for addressing the issues and put me back on track.

    Justin S.
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    Date Published : 08 Jan, 2018
  • It was time to modernize.

    I didn’t know where to start.

    I inherited the family business, but it had been running like a dinosaur forever. We had a mature supply chain that was falling behind. Sirius Solutions helped me figure out how to bring our fulfillment into the 21st century. I’d recommend them to anyone facing a similar challenge.

    Dean W.
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    Date Published : 02 Jan, 2018