What is ELM?

ELM offers retail power load forecasting services in multiple North American deregulated markets, supporting close to 60 EDC utilities across ERCOT, PJM, NYISO and ISO-NE. ELM is based on proven technology developed for and used by major large and small power retailers, and is currently producing load forecasts for over 700K meters across our residential, small commercial, and C&I focused client-base.  

In addition to load forecasting, ELM can easily be integrated to other key retail power applications, improving accuracy and manageability in many areas including:

  • Contract pricing
  • Short term scheduling and settlement
  • Supply management and supply position reporting
  • Management of “smart meter” interval data
  • Wholesale and complex billing 
  • Retail reconciliation, where utility data is compared against billing system data   

Hosted Service

As a service that is developed, hosted and maintained by Sirius Solutions, clients are provided access to load forecasting experts. Users benefit from the cost-effective, best-in-class means of accurately forecasting retail load for all sizes of retail electric providers.

ELM requires a much lower up-front cost then self-hosted software packages or internally developed load forecasting applications. 

ELM includes the following capabilities:

  • Load forecasting
  • Load profiling and aggregation
  • Utility data management
  • Customer-level EDI data management
  • Forecast variance analysis
  • Hosted and maintained system
  • Access to load forecasting experts
  • Reporting and diagnostic tools