Additional Services

Consulting Capabilities

The benefits of ELM extend beyond retail load forecasting. Below are several examples of where Sirius Solutions can assist you in integrating data for analysis, reconciliation and reporting across other systems.

  • Integration to Pricing and Load Profiling – ELM’s library of normal and historical utility profiles may be extracted to support retail pricing processes and assist in other analysis. Additionally, ELM can be configured to calendarize and normalize individual retail loads for pricing purposes, on an on-demand basis. 
  • Supply vs. Forecast Position Reporting – Multiple wholesale supply positions can be uploaded to ELM for comparison to load forecasts, ensuring that supply and forecasted load remain in sync. 
  • Customer Data Management – ELM can serve as a retail data repository for managing customer-level and meter-level data. This data may be exported and used within other external applications or processes, such as Retail Billing, Complex Billing, Scheduling, and Risk Management systems. 
  • Retail Shadow Settlements Reconciliation – Sirius Solutions can assist clients in using the customer data acquired from the utilities to compare against their databases (billing systems, etc.). This data can include aggregated consumption, ESIID consumption, ESIID characteristics and transactions.

Other Related Services

  • Sirius ELM On-Demand (‘real-time’ profile normalization for C&I pricing)
    • Custom EDC load profile development
    • Custom IDR meter-level develeopment