Sirius Solutions’ Energy Load Management (ELM) load forecasting and retail data management service for power marketers across multiple deregulated energy markets in North America produces forecasts for over 700K meters, across close to 60 EDC utilities across ERCOT, PJM, NYISO and ISO-NE.


Based on a bottom-up, meter-by-meter, hourly view of all power data, ELM delivers the capability for retail load forecasting, load profiling and aggregation, utility data management, customer level EDI, forecast variance analysis, reporting and diagnostics.  Because it is a fully hosted service, ELM provides a cost-effective, best-in-class means of accurately forecasting retail load for all sizes of Retail Electric Providers, at a much lower up-front cost than self-hosted software packages or internally developed load forecasting applications.

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The Sirius Solutions ELM Team has deep experience in both corporate operations and at major energy retailers. Our professionals average over 15 years of real-world, load-forecasting experience and have deep industry knowledge of retail operations in multiple markets.  By blending significant experience at both developing and delivering on a technology vision, our consultants are able to help you drive business results.   

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