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    What is human capital?

    Human capital represents the sum total of the skills, knowledge, background and experience of the individuals that further the goals and objectives of any organization. People really are your greatest asset, and a solid look at human capital proves it, for people drive the ideas, innovation, and brand identity of your organization.

    In fact, human capital is the key to the success or failure of your business, no matter how big or how small your company is. Using it effectively is the key to creating a world class organization. Failures in human capital, by contrast, spell trouble, and will ensure any company struggles for relevance in the marketplace.

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    What is human capital consulting?

    Human capital consulting provides organizational insight into the ways in which employees are deployed, utilized, developed, or maintained. The goal is to make all these processes far more effective. More companies are finding they benefit from some outside help in this area.

    In a sea change era where a new generation of the workforce brings a new perspective to their work life, companies with an enlightened approach on leveraging their skills and abilities tend to set themselves apart. They become leading organizations instead of marketplace also-rans.

    Human capital consulting identifies opportunity areas and provides a straightforward blueprint on how to effectively address workforce challenges. The right consulting firm will also give you the tools to measure the effectiveness of that blueprint over time, so adjustments may be made.

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    How do you invest in human capital?

    Human capital investment should focus on the employee base through the macro lens of acquisition, onboarding, development and growth. It’s important to view this journey as a continuum, using an integrated approach to make improvements in all these target areas.

    The employee lifecycle should drive strategic decisions which provides the organization with a plan. The process should carry the workforce through all stages of their tenure with the organization. This planned approach allows the organization to stay on top of learning, development, performance and succession processes. The organization further gains the power to retain and grow talent from within, providing meaningful opportunities for advancement. This, in turn, leads to a motivated workforce full of employees who will invest more energetically in their own development.

    An engaged workforce benefits the organization in the long run by closing the loop between investment and results in human capital expenditures.

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    How can you tell if you are having trouble with human capital?

    A sharp decline in productivity is usually the first clue. Employees who don’t feel as though their needs are being met tend to disengage, going through the motions instead of giving the company their all. In addition, innovation stagnates and turnover skyrockets.

    This can happen even if the company is struggling to do everything “right”, problems with human capital aren’t always obvious. Many organizations benefit when they receive the outside perspective of true experts.

    Four Reasons to Work with Sirius Solutions:

    • Receive broad and varied custom solutions for all your HR challenges.
    • Manage human capital during major business events like acquisitions, leadership changes, and more.
    • Resolve key issues such as retention challenges or ineffective development processes.
    • Develop the policies, procedures, and training programs which will support your organization’s goals in the long run.

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Success Story

  • Productivity is up, turnover is down.

    Sirius Solutions made a dramatic difference in my company’s success.

    We were losing the talent wars until Sirius Solutions came along. We were spending way too much trying to replace people who weren’t working out. Sirius Solutions pinpointed the problem fast and gave us the tools we needed to correct this problem in the long run. We’re happy we invested in their help.

    Mary W.
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    Date Published : 18 Dec, 2017
  • Turned our toxic culture around.

    We thought it would never get better.

    I stepped into a new management role in a company with an intense, dysfunctional fear-based culture. I wasn’t sure how I was going to fix it, so I brought Sirius Solutions on board. They helped us made dramatic and necessary changes very quickly, and now or organization is healthier than ever.

    Robert S.
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    Date Published : 18 Dec, 2017