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    What is financial consulting ?

    Taking advantage of financial consulting services means receiving advice which can help your company improve the performance of financial operations. This could include advice about financial reporting, transaction processing, budgeting, and forecasting. Improving these operations provides many benefits, increasing organizational effectiveness and improving risk management.

    These services are especially valuable to companies who are in transition and encountering an entirely new set of challenges. We also help companies who are facing urgent operational issues such as cash flow problems or regulatory compliance issues, and who need immediate help to tackle and successfully resolve said issues.

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    What does a financial consulting firm do ?

    A good financial consulting firm works with you to solve problems while driving performance improvement across all financial operations. These improvements may be made through three separate drivers: people, process, and technology. This could mean helping your company hire or train key personnel, helping to tighten up financial reporting or forecasting processes, or helping your company choose a new software package which could streamline certain financial operations. (Choosing technology is not as straightforward as it sounds; financial technology grows more complex by the year).

    These examples merely represent the tip of the iceberg, of course.

    Every solution is different, custom-created for your company.

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    How can a financial consultant help me?

    Working with a financial consultant can offer one of six positive economic impacts.

    First, the financial consultant might help you reduce costs. This, in turn, would lead to the second impact: increased profitability. The less you spend, the more profit you make.

    A good financial consultant doesn’t stop at cutting costs, however; a good one can help you increase your revenue as well.

    All these measures will improve your cash flow, which means your company becomes a stronger and more nimble force in the marketplace.

    Finally, these improvements can result in reduced leverage and increased valuation, which can help your business when it’s time to pursue credit, to woo customers or to sell the company.

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    Will your firm manage my financial operations for me?

    While many of our clients derive the most benefit from our advice and expertise, we do offer the option to operate all or part of certain financial services. We can do this for any length of time depending on your needs. Some clients find they receive significant cost-savings from having us handle these processes versus having to hire people to take care of them in-house.

    Your financial consultant will certainly advise you on this matter if he or she feels this service is right for you.

    Four Reasons to Work with Sirius Solutions

    • Enjoy financial transformations by improving and automating processes.
    • Cut costs and take advantage of years of expertise by taking advantage of shared services.
    • Feel confident when choosing and utilizing technology to transform your business functions.
    • Work with world-class professionals who understand your challenges, pressures, and needs.

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Success Story

  • Sirius solved our cash flow problems.

    Growing pains are a thing of the past.

    We were at that tough five-year mark and cash flow was a serious challenge. Sirius was immediately able to discover the source of some of our problems, pinpointing some wasteful spending in particular. Then, they helped us develop some new processes which kept it from ever happening again.

    Jim H.
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    Date Published : 18 Dec, 2017
  • Truly the business experts I needed.

    We’re stronger than ever.

    We were really struggling to handle budgeting and forecasting in any kind of helpful, useful way. Sirius helped us bring precision to what had been, for us, a lot of useless and frustrating guesswork. They’re now my silent partners, helping to turn my business into a true success story.

    Joyce B.
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    Date Published : 18 Dec, 2017