We provide strategic, practical solutions for new companies to operationalize their business by managing transitions, setting up the finance and accounting functions, managing back-office operations, and completing asset purchases. We have a successful history of working with startups and carve-outs as they scale and drive towards success.

How We Engage:

Initial Start-up and Transition Services

We provide managed services around key business functions. These services are designed to help new organizations focus on value creation and delegate routine business functions to Sirius. We have a successful record of managing:

  • Initial Accounting Services
  • Asset Purchase and Integration
  • Asset Acquisitions
  • Transition to Post Asset Integration

Business Process Outsourcing

We deliver better results by drawing from world class capabilities, using well established processes to achieve ongoing business impact. We successfully manage specific business functions in the back office to deliver consistency and become an integral part of business operations.

Data Hierarchies, Cleansing, & Migrations

We provide real time operational and performance reporting. In addition, we provide subjective and objective data analytics to extract value through your data.