Today’s Environment

Today’s business leaders recognize that the Learning & Development methodologies that proved successful in the past aren’t as effective with today’s workforce.  Given the constant flow of information and demands on employees, the vastness of associates working remotely, the shifting demographics of the workforce, the various ways messages are given and received, employee education is at a tipping point.

At Sirius we’ve developed an integrated approach to learning at the point of need that is designed to reflect the changing psychographics, demographics and working styles of today’s workforce.

The Sirius Solutions Learning Framework

Integrated Learning Approach

The Challenge

The challenge today is that Learning & Development is conducted in a linear, one-size-fits-all approach, is episodic in nature, and offers little strategy on how to best leverage technology.  Reinforcement of key learning messages is not conducted on a consistent basis, creating a gap in true learning transfer and behavioral change.

In addition, Learning & Development is in need of a transformative process and approach as the Millennial generation becomes a predominant part of the workforce:

Millennials expect to be developed, want continuous Learning & Development opportunities, and are not concerned about using technology or where learning content comes from.

How We Engage

The solution that Sirius developed starts with an assessment of the current state of the client’s Learning & Development organization. We work with organizations to understand the best approach for their associates and incorporate the following methodologies that we’ve identified as critical to success:

  • An integrated approach to human capital development focuses on the complete lifecycle of an employee, starting on the first day an employee joins the organization;
  • The education must be continuous, always on and device agnostic; content should be distributed frequently and in small bursts ;
  • Information should not only be pushed out to employees – they must be pulled in as well; employees need to be empowered to make their own development path and seek out information on demand or as part of a development plan, where their preferences are mapped by Artificial Intelligence.


Sirius works with each client to determine the most applicable and effective metrics to help objectively determine the success of a program over time. If you’re interested in understanding more about our Learning & Development practice, please contact us and one of our associates will be in touch almost immediately.