We provide strategic, practical solutions for technology functions and the enablement of technology for end users and commercial businesses. Sometimes we help clients determine the technology applications that are best suited to their business situation. Other times, we are asked to integrate disparate systems to enhance customer care, ensure security, manage data, and improve business performance.

Our professionals are former end users of these systems and understand the commercial operations, which enhances our ability to recommend, implement, and train and transfer knowledge to internal client personnel. We do not sell software or receive any fees from software vendors so that we can objectively provide advice to our clients regarding systems that are suited to them and ensure no conflict of interest.

Key Offerings: Our Information Technology expertise includes:

  • Applications
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Management and Migration
  • Infrastructure
  • Organizational Effectiveness

How We Engage:


We assist our clients with selections, implementations, and upgrades of ERP systems and industry-specific applications. We help with the preparation and readiness needed in the business to enhance the adoption and end-user enablement of these applications. Our work involves gathering business requirements, defining operational reporting, improving processes that will change as a result of the system, gathering and structuring the data that will be migrated into the new system, and training end users to leverage the technology capabilities.

Cyber Security

Clients ask us to determine vulnerability and ensure access is properly designed and managed from both a strategic and tactical standpoint. We advise on and assess penetration testing, identify gaps, and assist clients with closing the gaps. We design, implement and review segregation of duties and access management tools, processes and procedures. We also develop and review plans for disaster recovery.

Data Management and Migration

We are experts in the structure of data hierarchies and operational performance reporting and combine that expertise with our knowledge of commercial business for our clients. This allows us to enhance the effectiveness of our client organizations’ capture of data, organizational structures of the data, and the operational reporting used to manage and operate businesses. Our clients ask us to cleanse and restructure legacy data. We regularly migrate data due to acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures and we design data structures and reporting for start-up operations. To track business performance, we redesign and migrate existing data structures to improve or produce operational reporting. The analytics that result from our data management and migration work enable our clients to glean business insights that significantly improve business performance.


We help clients design and implement cost-effective infrastructure plans in support of their operating performance requirements. We assist clients with the evaluation, migration, and design of cloud-based environments. To promote business resilience, we develop and execute business continuity plans.

Organizational Effectiveness

We develop functions and desks using output-based models that empower internal teams and help determine contribution value from the IT organization. We broker a tight partnership between business stakeholders and IT to drive performance improvement and value realization and help to generate economic value by lowering IT’s cost-to-serve while accelerating strategic enablement through technology.