As companies are aware, there is a new revenue recognition standard that takes effect for most publicly-traded companies in 2018, which is why many have concluded that they need to start the transition now. Sirius Solutions can help with the implementation of the upcoming requirements, which affect more than just an organization’s accounting function. Involvement by other disciplines beyond those in the finance and reporting functions is required.

How We Engage: Our approach is to partner with our clients to make this transition as easy as possible – minimizing costs to put this new standard into effect while ensuring that the processes we help to develop are repeatable and sustainable once our team has completed the project.

Our multi-disciplined team approach means that experts in financial reporting, compliance, analysis, contract review, data, documentation set-up, and process improvement partner with each client’s associates to ensure that their company is ready for the new standard.

Our dynamic deployment of these resources, i.e. our associates are only on the project exactly when their skills are needed, makes our approach efficient and cost effective.

As with all the financial and regulatory work we do, we offer an unbiased approach that is fully adaptable and consistent with the tools and processes requested by our client’s management team and external auditor versus requiring our professionals to use a firm-specific, “one-size-fits-all” approach, which many other professional firms require their associates to do.

Please contact us to find out more about this new standard or to ask how we can assist you.