We provide strategic, practical solutions in a variety of financial disciplines. From transforming parts or all of a financial operation, to assisting with major business transactions and transitions, to helping solve financial operating issues, we have experts on our team who are skilled at optimizing the performance of this critical business function. 

Our professionals have held the same or similar jobs in financial operations that many of our clients do so they are familiar with the challenges our clients face. We know what it takes to manage the day-to-day responsibilities as well as how to solve complex issues and problems.

Key Offerings: Our Financial Operations expertise includes:

  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Transaction Processing
  • Operational Reporting and Performance Analytics
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Risk Management
  • Treasury and Cash Management

How We Engage:

Budgeting and Forecasting

Sirius Solutions provides services that align business results with corporate strategy including:

  • The establishment and implementation of forecasting programs to support key performance business operations
  • The forecasting of industry-specific supply and demand drivers
  • The development and implementation of effective planning, performance review and incentive programs
  • The design of management reporting packages along with the implementation of related employee workshops to review performance versus plan

We assist clients who are new to, or transforming, their business planning as well as those who are looking to only improve certain aspects of the operation.

Financial Reporting

We bring decades of real-world experience and practical knowledge to our clients, enabling us to develop and manage reporting across the entire Financial Operations organization. We partner with clients to:

  • Develop financial reporting policies
  • Review and implement financial reporting systems and filings, including the preparation of internal and external financial statements; our focus is always on both the preparation of these reports as well as improving the accuracy and timeliness of the information
  • Implement and/or streamline SEC and FASB reporting, and related disclosures
  • Help with IPO readiness and execution
  • Manage reporting for transactions such as merger, acquisition and divestiture events
  • Assist with loan covenant compliance reporting
  • Help resolve issues that could result in restating financials and, when necessary, assist with the preparation of such restated financials
  • Advise on, and support, the implementation of technical financial standards
  • Remain current on, evaluate and help implement new regulatory pronouncements such as Revenue Recognition
  • Implement and install financial reporting technologies

Transaction Processing

When it comes to processing transactions, it’s all about efficiency and accuracy. As clients call us needing to transform this operation, we start by identifying the root cause of the issues. Then we explain our execution road map and once the client is in agreement, we get to work. Sometimes, we automate manual processes to eliminate unnecessary work, increase accuracy, accelerate timelines, and reduce costs. Other times, we redesign processes from front- to back-office operations to improve performance. Or, we modify data hierarchies and develop coding systems to capture relevant information. With a team of experts in this area, we always find a solution to any issue that is identified.

Operational Reporting and Performance Analytics

One of our core competencies is our ability to develop operationally-focused, financial reporting for clients that enables them to better predict and manage the performance of their business and functional operations. Our management reporting with predictive analyses helps clients anticipate revenues and expenses in an expedited manner (more timely than typically found in organizations). Our flash reporting systems provide critical information in usable formats that can be produced to provide profit and loss, cost, and cash flow analyses, which allow businesses to quickly respond and take action to improve performance and avoid issues. We employ experts in the designing and development of data marts who play a critical role in this work.

Organizational Effectiveness

From the design and development of financial operating organizations to helping improve the performance of desks, functions, and overall departments, our multidisciplined team is well versed in organizational effectiveness. Sometimes it’s about a complete transformation and in those situations we employ a proprietary methodology that helps clients define roles, balance work load, and determine costing models. For clients in transition, we’ve helped them realign their financial operations, divest of part of the operation, and establish a shared services model for the organization, to cite a few examples. When it comes to transactions, we have performed rapid start-up programs for investor-backed acquisitions of assets and businesses and we have combined and optimized finance organizations due to mergers and acquisitions.

Risk Management

Sirius Solutions assists clients in meeting challenging requirements across all areas of derivative and hedge reporting. We work to understand the intent of clients’ transactions and recommend hedge strategies to best match the timing of their expenses and revenues. We help build hedging policies and evaluate the performance and actual results from the application of those policies. We complete derivative assessments and valuations. And our team develops hedge documentation, hedge effectiveness testing, hedge reporting (dashboards), record keeping and disclosure, and risk reporting and modeling.

Treasury and Cash Management

We assist clients in their structuring of capital and debt agreements and instruments. Our experience includes assessing credit and determining counter-party risks, accelerating DSOs and improving cash reporting and forecasting. We also help clients streamline treasury functions and implement technology that helps reconcile bank accounts, forecast, and track and manage cash flow.