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Our consultants are recognized experts in the ETRM field, with nearly 14 years of experience in the market.

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We take the time to understand both your business and the technology your business is depending on.

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We can scale any solution to meet your needs.

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We aren’t product evangelists. We’re focused on solving your products, not on pushing specific tools.

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    What is ETRM?

    ETRM stands for Energy Trading and Risk Management. It is process for creating a portfolio of energy assets that can be held or sold just like stock. Software solutions help traders manage risk and make more money off their portfolios. Energy trading can involve buying stock in oil, gas, electricity, solar, Co2 emission certificates and more.

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    How do I trade energy?

    Though trading energy has some similarities with trading stocks and bonds, there are some significant differences. As Investopedia notes: “Energy cannot be stored, so demand and supply must constantly be balanced in real time. This leads to a significantly different market design compared to common capital markets.”

    Energy trading is not open to all investors. You’ll need guidance to gain the knowledge, experience, and infrastructure you’ll need to be successful at it.

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    How do I mitigate trade risks with energy?

    You can use many tactics such as hedging, VaR and enterprise risk management software. Sirius uses hand-picked software products like Allegro, OpenLink Findur, Endur, proprietary systems and Right Angle to help our clients manage risks. We also use strategic partnerships to help our clients gain an advantageous energy trading position.

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    What challenges do companies face when implementing ETRM projects?

    Inadequate software, implementation problems, problems identifying all stakeholders and other issues routinely plague ETRM projects. Working with an expert group of consultants can vastly reduce the amount of issues you can expect to face.

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Success Story

  • Our Allegro 8 implementation was a breeze.

    These guys know their stuff.

    Our production company was really lagging on the installation of proper risk mitigation software. Allegro 8 proved to be the right solution, but we were looking at some serious implementation challenges. Sirius Solutions helped guide us through every one of them without a hitch.

    Danny R.
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    Date Published : 29 May, 2018
  • Revolutionized our commodity trading desks.

    We saw massive improvements across the board.

    Since partnering with Sirius Solutions we’ve seen real results and an increase in our trading profits. They automated much of our process in a way that’s made our clients really happy. If you want to produce top-notch results with ETRM, call Sirius.

    Tony S.
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    Date Published : 29 May, 2018