Data Migration


If you need help migrating, mapping, cleansing, and translating data from one system to another.


We are the preferred vendor for many software companies because of our approach to data capture – integrity – business usability from field operations to financial performance.  We can help you:

  • Migrate data from one system to another
  • Migrate data post an acquisition
  • Migrate to the cloud
  • Clean up data and duplicates across systems
  • Adopt a new platform or software system

Success story


Our client was experiencing issues with data integrity across multiple systems and lacked the ability to analyze business performance from field operations and financial reporting due to a large acquisition.


Data was extracted from 4 business applications and configured in data cubes in order to determine the costs and cash flow from the business. New data hierarchy and data capture workflows were developed. This provided real time analytics that eliminated errors and reconciled field operating data with financial reporting data. The data extraction took 10 days. The analysis allowed the business to reduce costs by $125MM The modified data hierarchy and workflow took 4 months.

Our Areas of Expertise

Sirius Data Experts

In house oil and gas data experts having migrated and software systems for over 2 decades. Experts in accounting, land, finance, supply chain.

Offshore Capabilities

Best in class data scientists and database experts in North India.

Software development in South India to deliver workflow solutions.

Partner Program

Partnered with AI, software workflow, land, digitization, automation, and other technology partners to bring best in class solutions.

Technology Expertise

Innovation and software implementation experts to drive efficiency and workflows that actually deliver value using emerging technologies.


Data Migration One-Pager

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