Business Continuity Planning


after an unexpected shutdown requires detailed

planning using best practices as a guide.


Many process companies shut down regularly. Auto assembly lines and oil refineries, for example, retool and do maintenance and repairs during such periods of inactivity. They have elaborate plans and drilled protocols for shutdown and restart. But these days, things are different for everyone: Shutdowns have been thrust upon organizations in response to the spread of Covid-19, and by significant surprise weather events leading to mass power outages. News sources report the Texas power grid was minutes away from total collapse. Closures were abrupt and total, without detailed plans to follow.


Although most companies have risk management and business continuity strategies in place, no one anticipated crisis responses of this scope and scale. Thus, few were prepared for the suddenness or the magnitude of these shutdowns. At the individual company level, the restart doesn’t have to be ugly. In fact, if done correctly, it could be a market differentiator providing a more timely resumption of business with greater consistency and responsiveness than those who simply try to open the doors and turn the lights back on.


Roadmap To Business Continuity EBOOK


Business Continuity Planning requires a framework to drive activities and information that result in sustainable business operations for the enterprise. As a project, Restarts should be planned in a manner like other major corporate initiatives, however, Restarts involve activities that will not necessarily be discernable or accessible or even visible ahead of time. They will also be closely watched, attracting the attention of shareholders, boards of directors, public officials, and customers, all demanding significant transparency. Restarts impact the finances, operations, and virtually every employee of the organization: They are “whole business events.”


As such, the Roadmap requires a strategy that entails 3 key corporate dimensions: 

1) Financial     2) Operational     3) Human Capital

Roadmap To Business Continuity

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