Transforming Learning & Development

Every year, companies across the US spend an average of $70 billion on learning and development alone. This focus on L&D first came to fruition near the end of the great recession, and now studies suggest development and retention as the new mantra of the C suite.  And yet, despite the monetary focus, L&D is […]

Sirius Solutions’ Energy Load Management Service: An Optimal Solution

Sirius Solutions’ Energy Load Management Service has proven time and time again to be the best option for load forecasting services for mid- to small-size retailers. Energy Load Management (ELM), a fully-hosted service, represents a best-in-class method of forecasting retail load for electric providers with top-notch accuracy and precision. This load forecasting and retail data […]

Helping You Meet New Revenue Recognition Standards

For impactful results managing the top line, it’s necessary for you as a business to meet new revenue recognition standards that will go into effect for most publicly-traded companies in 2018. It’s critical to start that transition now so you will be well-positioned for compliance. For help, turn to Sirius Solutions. We can help with […]