Innovating with the Unknown – Blockchain

I love how Blockchain experts paint the future: all of ‘us’ will be Blockchain-ed in some capacity and all physical elements, currencies, services, and even energy will be traded, shared, or tracked using Blockchain. Even our movements today can be made more secure with a Blockchain footprint. All material assets, from money to stocks to […]

HR & Leading Edge Technology- Not If But When

The world of information is at a tipping point.  There is a wave of information about predictive analytics and AI that will change the way we eat, sleep, combat disease, prepare for weather events, and all matters large and small known to man.  It is an exciting time if you are open to the change […]

Adult Learning & Development – A Smarter Methodology and Approach

2019 brings much promise to the world of Human Capital.  With machine learning, predictive analytics, and AI coming more to the forefront, the future looks promising. Forward-thinking HR leaders will begin to harness the power of information, both macro, and micro, to drive more individualized developmental paths for their employee base.  It is a hopeful […]

The PoC of Innovation

Our CEO, Kristi Chickering, is known to walk into a room and say, “I give you permission to fail. I have your back.” For some of us, this is truly liberating. While for others, this can be confusing. What does failure mean for someone at work going through his or her daily routine? Failure is […]

Modernizing the Supply Chain

Emerging Technology is great…but most of us are still working on the basics Emerging technology in the modern supply chain is getting a lot of attention and for good reason. These emerging technologies have the ability to completely change how we interact with our customers and our suppliers. Applications for IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process […]

Value-Based Consulting Delivery

The consulting industry was built on the premise that consultants deliver distinctive value and experience. And, yet, there isn’t a cohesive, standardized method of delivering or measuring value. At Sirius Solutions, we decided to create a value-based consulting model by borrowing concepts from the sweeping changes in delivering value-based healthcare, which hospitals are being regulated […]

Custom Solutions. Impactful Results.

I was so encouraged by all of the positive feedback that my last post regarding Sirius Solutions’ Performance Summit that I felt another post was in order. Several of you reached out to ask me more about our firm and why we’re good at what we do. Sirius Solutions is a professional service management consulting […]

Picture Gallery Sirius Solutions Performance Summit

More than 100 business leaders were in attendance at our first ever Sirius Performance Summit (SPS) to hear from industry thought leaders, best-selling authors, and consulting gurus, all committed to Sirius’ mission: Make Businesses Run Better. We would like to share a few pics with our friends and partners.

2018 Sirius Solutions Performance Summit Recap

Yesterday, Sirius Solutions held its annual Sirius Performance Summit (SPS) in Houston, Texas. The SPS is a unique opportunity for us to give back to our clients by delivering relevant content to business leaders from a cross-section of industries interested in enhancing their vision, inspiring their teams and strengthening their firms’ performance. Over 100 attendees […]

Transforming Learning & Development

Every year, companies across the US spend an average of $70 billion on learning and development alone. This focus on L&D first came to fruition near the end of the great recession, and now studies suggest development and retention as the new mantra of the C suite.  And yet, despite the monetary focus, L&D is […]