Transformation – helping companies do what they are currently doing, better, quicker or cheaper

  • Finance Transformation – from improving and automating transaction processing and reporting, to scaling finance functions, to developing operational reporting that enhances and supports business performance, we help transform financial operations for clients
  • Process Improvement – through various methodologies, such as Lean Management and Six Sigma, we assess, identify gaps and opportunities, and implement change to improve the quality of processes in Finance, Human Capital, Regulatory Compliance & Controls, Supply Chain and Technology
  • Realignment of Business Operating Models – when businesses realign their operating structures, for example from industry-centric to geographically-centric, mid- and back-office operations are affected requiring extensive data, financial, and operational reporting modifications, just to name a few tasks that are impacted; we have a team of experienced professionals who we can call on to manage these changes – putting them on the job only as needed but, due to their varying skill sets, ensuring that every detail is handled
  • Shared Services – many companies today employ a shared services model for some or all of their mid- and back-office operations while others are starting to move in that direction; we can assist companies with this transformation whether they’re just in the beginning stage of shifting to a centralized model or are looking to enhance the service delivery they have in place
  • Technology Enablement – from automating manual operations to advising on and implementing an ERP to managing and migrating data, we are experts in utilizing technology to transform a business function, unit or entire enterprise; moreover, one of our specializations is in Energy and Commodities Trade & Risk Management (E/CTRM) and Capital Markets Trade and Risk Management solutions; with consultants averaging 15 years of experience in the market’s leading software platforms, including those from OpenLink and Allegro, we’ve become a recognized expert in this field

Transactions & Transitions – helping companies manage major business events 

  • Mergers and Acquisitions – our experienced team is skilled at handling all the nuances involved with the integration of an acquisition or the merging of organizations; we understand and actually enjoy the detailed work that’s needed once the negotiations are over and the consolidation begins
  • Divestitures and Carve-Outs – from carve-outs to full-unit divestitures, whether for private equity, public or private companies, the Sirius Solutions team nimbly handles its clients’ operational and regulatory requirements to ensure a smooth transition of their technology and mid- and back-office operations
  • Startups – critical to the success of a new product or service is the support functions of the mid and back offices; from designing and quickly implementing these functions to providing interim management and staff so hiring decisions can be thoughtful, not hasty, we are skilled at standing up new organizations
  • Wind Downs – if a business is nearing its end, Sirius Solutions can come in to advise & assess, manage the wind down, provide interim support, or direct and execute the closing; we do so sensitively and in a manner that maximizes the client’s assets
  • Geographic Relocations of Functions – geographic relocations of functions and departments need to occur without business interruption; our team can capture, discern and transfer knowledge from one group to another seamlessly or provide interim support while the groups are in transition
  • Restructurings – prior to, during and post-bankruptcy, companies experience activities and pressures that they may not have had exposure to ever before; our professionals are equipped to partner with clients going through these sensitive phases assisting with the tasks leading up to a bankruptcy and through the bankruptcy process; these activities include: identifying cost reductions; developing operational reporting used to accurately and quickly forecast profit & loss, costs, and cash flows; automating reporting of 13-week cash flows, executory contracts, and balances due to unsecured creditors; finally, we realign data to facilitate the reporting of legal entities need for fresh start accounting

Issue Resolution – helping companies resolve business concerns

  • Urgent Operational Issues – occasionally, and more frequently than companies would prefer, situations arise that require immediate action such as accelerating cash flow, clearing invoicing backlogs, managing cost overruns, correcting performance reporting errors, dealing with sudden turnover or handling covenant busts; our professionals have the experience, maturity and initiative to get these and other situations solved, which is why we are frequently called to deal with these “crisis” situations  
  • Crisis Management  – a particular niche within issue resolution is crisis management; having worked with dozens of major companies over the past decade, including those affected by Gulf Coast hurricanes, our areas of expertise encompass: (1) claims preparations and presentations to adjusters post a disaster; (2) interim support for affected employees; and (3) business continuity planning and preparation to ensure that an organization can continue to operate in case of serious incidents.
  • Litigation & Disputes – if there are operational matters that could lead to potential litigation, or commercial disputes that are impacting a business, our team has the experience to provide solutions and enhance outcomes by leveraging their knowledge of commercial and functional expertise directly related to the matter at hand; we’ve been involved in and helped solve fraud investigations, intellectual property disagreements, shareholder disputes, commercial disputes plus many other contentious situations
  • Regulatory Compliance Issues – from time to time it’s a regulatory compliance issue that causes some sort of business interruption; whether it’s a potential penalty that arises, or reporting errors that trigger notices and requests from regulatory bodies, or investigations by financially-related regulatory agencies, Sirius Solutions can rapidly respond to these situations; our professionals offer relevant functional expertise and commercial knowledge, combined with a deep understanding of many regulations, which enables us to quickly solve these issues