We start each engagement by understanding the business situation, creating a success framework that includes desired outcomes, expected timeline, and anticipated economic impact. Next, we ensure feasibility — essential for our commitment to each project — and develop an execution roadmap.

Through our unique approach, we then identify, deploy and manage team members who can best deliver the defined outcomes. Our team is multidisciplined and knowledgeable, and our professionals average 15+ years of real-world experience — enabling us to deploy the right, seasoned talent at the right time to deliver impactful results.

Finally, we conclude each engagement by verifying that the value obtained meets or exceeds the client’s expectations for success. Throughout the project, we consistently check that we’re on target and conclude the project with a value realization document that highlights the obtained or anticipated return on investment.

Sirius Solution Approach

How We Engage:

Engagement Continuum

We engage with our clients in one or more of the following ways:  

Advice & Assessment

Sometimes clients ask us to help frame a business situation or review a matter and provide a third-party point of view, and then they take on the next steps; our multi-disciplined team is skilled at assessing and advising on a variety of situations and delivering assessments quickly and efficiently  

Project & Program Management

Sometimes clients need our assistance to manage a project or program with either their or our employees completing the work involved; we’ve managed a variety of projects and programs related to the mid and back offices that have helped clients transform their business operations, deal with a transition or solve an urgent business matter  

Interim Support

Sometimes clients have a need for temporary talent due to an employee’s sudden or extended absence, project work, a major transition or transaction – regardless of the situation, our team of real-world-experienced professionals who average 15+ years of employment can fill in any gaps; with our talent sourcing and deployment model, we’re able to secure the resources within hours if necessary; our approach is output-focused and ramp-up times are significantly reduced due to the real-world experience of our professionals and our speed of responsiveness   

Implementation & Execution

Sometimes clients require a person or team of people to resolve issues or handle the roll out of a project, system, event or transaction – just to cite a few reasons – from beginning to end; we’re often asked to implement and execute a critical project or plan that we’ve advised on or designed and sometimes we develop implementable and executable plans and programs on the vision of our client or another external partner of theirs; bottom line is that we know how to execute efficiently, completely and with impact; this type of engagement requires going beyond advice and recommendations, project management, and/or additional resources; it requires an ability to design solutions, operationalize plans and programs that obtain the desired economic impact and outcome  

Managed Services

Sometimes clients need us to operate part, or all, of a functional area for them so that they can focus on their core business offerings and other priorities; we can do so for any length of time and in any of our areas of expertise: Finance, Human Capital, Information Technology, Litigation & Disputes, Regulatory Compliance & Controls and Supply Chain, as well as for Transformations, Transactions & Transitions, and Time-Sensitive Issues

Sirius Solutions is adaptable to each client’s situation and committed to helping them achieve the outcome they want and engage us in the manner best suited to their business situations.