Digital Workflow and Project Management Solutions for M&A

Digital Workflow and Project Management Solutions for M&A

Trying to figure out how to grow your business in a strategic way? In the last year, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have triggered significant growth for forward thinking companies, resulting in both organizational revolutions and technological transformations.

The ability of corporations to be agile and adapt while seizing new opportunities has generated new revenue streams and secured their places in the market. If you are part of the core corporate strategy team for your business, you almost certainly began by assessing if a company transition opportunity existed. What did you focus on next in your process? Did you consider the following stages?


Review Corporate ESG Positioning

The process of considering a partnership often begins with examining your company’s vision and goal statements and ensuring that synergies are maximized. Corporations are also keyed into taking advantage of the opportunity to do an ESG analysis during this process to gain a better understanding of the overall operational environment. Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is a framework for assessing trends and the extent to which a business works for societal purposes that go beyond the core duty of profit maximization for its shareholders.


Project Plan and Dashboards

Each stage of the merger and acquisition integration process should be accompanied by a thorough action plan with defined completion dates. Sirius Solutions has established a “Best in Class” execution approach for recent transaction engagements, recording transactions end-to-end and providing project visibility across all corporate areas via Microsoft Teams integration with project dashboards.

Dashboards for M&A execution plans display the status, priority, and progress of all workstreams and activities in real time. All business readiness functions are aware of dependent items required by other deal team groups and functions. This technology is particularly beneficial now that teams are collaborating digitally in a post-pandemic world.




Data Request Tracker

Throughout the transaction’s lifecycle, Sirius Solutions records all information requests in a standardized and consolidated way, ensuring complete transparency of all necessary data required to finish and transfer the project. Not only can discussions associated with requests give context and clarity for the requestor, but also for other linked parties or functions.


Day 1 Readiness Plan:  Workstreams, Tasks, and Checklists

Day 1 Readiness requires progress tracking across multiple project workstreams, tasks and checklists involving multiple disciplines and subject matter experts. With alerts, assignments and accountability, key project deadlines are more likely to be completed on time with added visibility, while also lowering transaction costs.



Sirius Solutions has been serving the energy space since inception almost 25 years ago, and has supported the energy sector through multiple downturns throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s.

Sirius has expertise serving clients in all the subsectors including:

  • Upstream
  • Downstream
  • Midstream
  • Alternative Energy


We provide Transition Services that you can rely on while mitigating risk as we plan a transition or carve-out that results in a sustainable operating model. No matter what stage you’re at or how many questions you have, our skilled professionals give hands-on assistance from start to end.


Our Areas of Expertise in Transition Services include:

  • Negotiation & structuring of transition service agreements
  • Transition planning
  • Day 1 readiness planning & execution Roadmaps
  • Cash settlement & establishing treasury management
  • Data migration & cleansing
  • System selection & implementation
  • Organizational design & establishment
  • Interim operations to insourced or outsourced functions


As former industry senior executives and trained professionals, our teams are performance focused and understand the complexities, nature and timing of our clients’ unique business challenges

At Sirius Solutions, we tailor solutions for individual clients. We are guided by a philosophy that ensures our clients get the requisite value needed in post-transition. We are proud of our consistent outcomes in our transition processes due to our experience and understanding.  Check out just a couple of our success stories below:


Success Stories

Finance And Accounting Organization Creates Scale for Growth
Concerned that their business strategies would double the organization’s cost, we provided recommendations on strategic vs. non-strategic areas to focus on, thereby creating scale for business growth.

An Independent Exploration and Production company Becomes SEC-compliant after Merger on a Budget
After a successful merger, the client lacked the resources needed to be SEC-compliant on a budget. We worked with the company efficiently on the required timelines, setting them up for future success.


Ken Pujats, Director – Sirius Solutions


Contact us to learn more about our client successes with Managing Transitions and learn more about how we can support you with your own transition needs.

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